The History of CTAP 

CTAP began as Colorado Used Tubulars in 1986, when Duke Altschuler and Ronnie Schwindt formed a full service used pipe company in the DJ Basin. Eventually, the company changed its focus to new API OCTG pipe and became one of the largest distributors in the US. In February 2019, CTAP LLC became a wholly owned subsidiary of Marubeni-Itochu Tubulars America, Inc. As part of Marubeni-Itochu, CTAP has both the commitment and the capital required to support our customer’s drilling programs.

Remarkably Different. Why?

In one word: Reliability. At CTAP, the customer always comes first. Whether you need API casing and tubing for a 25 rig program or a set of pup joints, CTAP has you covered with top quality new API OCTG products, cost saving rail spurs, strategically located pipe storage yards, and company operated trucking. We have invested in the infrastructure to handle all your casing and tubing needs and our industry expertise allows us to collaborate with end users to find the best value added solutions possible.